Friday, July 27, 2007

I know I've been sewing a lot this summer and well, I don't want anyone thinking I don't knit here are some pictures of my works in progress!

This is a diaper cover for Miss A. Now, it looks like I have plenty of yarn right? Not so much. I am pretty close to finishing this now and realized I will run out of yarn in the crotch. Nice huh? So, I called my (not so local) yarn store where I originally purchased it and they are holding a hank for me. Now, lest you think I'm driving down to Salt Lake to get it (1.5 hours!), my Mom is in town for a wedding this weekend. The wedding happens to be in Salt Lake. She is going to go pick it up for me and bring it to me on Sunday! She ROCKS!

This is one of my favorite projects. One of my very dear friends, Kerri, is having TWINS! This is her first pregnancy and we are just thrilled for her. So, I am making some very sweet newborn hats for the boys. This yarn is perfect because it is a cotton. They live in Arizona and it will still be hot in November, so I thought these would be perfect! Hopefully I'll have enough left to make some matching booties for them too! :)

Ah, my summertime socks...I will finish them, hopefully before summer is over. Although...they will probably be gifted and I won't even wear them! :)

And finally, Anouk. I will finish this, I WILL! At least I'm not as bad as Nicole. She has EVERYTHING done! She just needs to weave in ends and sew on the pockets. She is killing me! My goal is to have it done by October. I think it will be a great fall wear for Miss A.

I am getting really excited about my fall and winter knitting. I am going to make S a sweater. I am not sure what kind yet. I really want to make him a Wonderful Wallaby, but I don't know if I will get around to it. I have the yarn still for making his ChildHood, but I would rather do it with some Mission Falls Cotton. So, we'll see what I end up doing. I need to make a hat for Miss A and for S. And, if you remember the yarn I took from J's sweater?? I still need to make him a scarf and gloves from that! I also have another baby hat to make for my new niece that will be born in November! Oh, and I really want to squeeze a pair of socks in there for ME! So...looks like my knitting calender is filling up quickly.

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Lynn said...

Great projects! Tola gave me the link to your blog. Looks like you're about where I was 20 years ago, with the cute little kids and the birthing-at-home [been there, done that, have the stretch marks]. Glad that I've discovered your blog.