Wednesday, August 15, 2007

*Yawn* What a great vacation I had!!! The kids and I went to Omaha, NE to see my family for 10 days! We got back last Friday and are getting to leave again tomorrow for J's company trip to Zion's National Park. That will be fun too!!! It will be 6ish hours in the car, so I can get some good knitting time in!
I have been knitting and sewing! At my Mom's I made these CUTE overalls for a friend's nephew. I think they turned out SO cute!

I also made a shirt for S. It is a dinosaur shirt, and I have yet to get a picture of it. I have decided after doing that, that I don't like sleeves. I'll maybe try another one again...but I don't know ;)
I am also still working on A's diaper cover. It isn't my favorite pattern in the world. The picking up of stitches for the cuffs is just no fun and makes holes where I don't want them, so I've had to do some tweaking :)
I finished one of the twin hats I'm making. Lookie how cute!

Oh and look at this sweet Cherry Dress I made!

Before you fall too head over heels for it though, it's already been sold. One of my friends bought it for one of her friends. I love the cherries!!!

So, go check out this swap. I am SO doing it!!! This is one of my irl (in real life) friends and she is just a doll!! Look how cute her kiddos are too, what sweeties!

Alright, I have to go pack now. When I get back, pictures of another hat, a diaper cover, and LOADS of vacation pics!!!!

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