Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I finished my Clapotis yesterday! I really wanted to get it done for my anniversary, which was yesterday. I finished it at 3 and we went out at 5:30. I really love how it turned out and this yarn was just such a delight!

Now for the Specs.

Yarn: Plymouth Galway Highland Heathers, 4 skeins
Needles: Addi Turbo's US size 8.
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.

Next up...sweaters for the kids, a doll, an elephant, a few hats, some socks, pants...the list never ends.

I really haven't done any other knitting than this lately. I have worked non-stop on this project and I love it.

Here are some pictures though of things we've been doing. I just call it living.

We call him Super Roo!

I love fall. I love the cooler weather (note, I did not say cold, I do not enjoy the cold, cool though, that is nice) that follows the always so hot summers. I love watching the leaves change color. I love the sound of the leaves as they crunch under my feet. Here are some photos I took of fall here in Logan. The colors are not as brilliant as they have been in past years. Apparently this is because it was so hot and so dry this summer. and dry in the desert? Surely you jest.

Have you also noticed how S has been dressing up? He wears many different costumes daily. He ranges from Peter Pan, to a Cheerleader (complete in Nebraska Cornhuskers Garb...much to his Father's dismay!), a Cowboy, Superman, Roo, Super Roo, or just Super S. He is so funny, and I love to watch him dress up and become these characters. It really is so much fun for me because I remember loving dressing up when I was little. I just need to make sure he has lots of warm costumes for this cold city we live in!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy One Year to my blog!!! I was not so surprised to only see a few people enter the drawing...but I really thought more people read my blog. Oh well...I don't do it for anyone but myself. It's a fun place to record what I'm doing and what is going on in my life and the life of my kiddos.

Now for the winner....LORI! So Miss Lori, do you want some luscious fabric or yarn? I'll get a package together and send it this week. We'll have to find something for Cohen to put in there also :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend...I am! More knitting news later :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I can not believe I didn't ever post pictures here of A's longies!!! They turned out SO cute!! I used Malabrigo Chunky yarn in the colorway Noviembre. I love it!!! My only complaint is that it bleeds a bit. I've been able to finally (knock on wood) get it under control :)
So, here are pictures!!!!

Also this week, I got out the sewing machine and made a real live cowboy vest for the boy. He loves playing cowboy, so I decided that he really needed a vest. He'd been wearing a green sweater vest...sad, I know. So, we went to Joann's and bought enough fabric to make him a great cowboy vest. He was really upset (even though he picked out the fabric) that there was cow print on the inside. However, yesterday he wore it inside out all day...he had to be like Woody!

I'm quite proud of myself as this is the first thing I've sewn that didn't have a pattern! I totally winged it and it worked!!! Yipee!

Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm rethinking my Clapotis. No, I'm still doing it, but the yarn I was using just wasn't speaking to me for the Clap. Oh and before I go any further, in response to Tina - I was going to just knit the outer most stitches every time in the Thunderstorm colorway. But, that is neither here nor there as I am not using that yarn anymore. Like I said, it didn't feel right in my hands for this project. so, I went to Yarn Today today and found the perfect yarn for my project. I typically steer away from Plymouth yarns. I don't know why, I've never had a bad experience with them...I just don't go straight to them, so I often forget they are even there. I was getting a bit frustrated (as were my children, the toys were losing their appeal after an hour of Mom searching!), and was about to just get my store credit (yes, I took back the Majestic fibers...I couldn't afford to keep that and get something else) when I saw it. The perfect yarn. It isn't a color I normally even would look at for myself, purple, but it just jumped off the shelf at me and said, "KNIT ME!". How could I refuse? I grabbed the only 3 skeins of it and had them order me 2 more! Look at this!

I am just beyond thrilled about this yarn, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Yipee!!!

This week marks my 1 year blogaversary! So....comment here and I will have the boy draw a name on Sunday and the lucky person will win something grand. If you knit it will be yarn, if you are a sewer, I will send you some great fabric. So, there is something for everyone!!! :D

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh I've been a bad blogger...well, maybe not so bad as busy! This week has brought my Mom and Grandma into the state from Nebraska. They have driven up this way to see us a couple of times and that was so much fun!
I've also been knitting...I know, it's a shocker ;) I cast on for S's Wonderful Wallaby using Peace Fleece. I love it! I ordered all but one skein in a coop, and so I've been using this one skein. I got word today that the rest is in and I can't wait to get it!!!! Then I can make his and start on Miss A's.
I have also finished and lanolized A's longies. She wore them, looked adorable, I changed her diaper and her diaper was completely pink. The yarn is bleeding. I didn't think much of it...I don't really care what color her diapers are. But, then it bled onto one of my shirts...I was not thrilled. So, after knit night last night, I came home with the suggestion to soak them in HOT vinegar water and let the water cool, then rinse them. I did it. I then lanolized them again...they are still bleeding. Oh, and I over lanolized the longies so they are really sticky now. I am currently washing them, hoping to get some of the lanolin out. Any suggestions on the bleeding?? Valerie?? Marly?? Tina?? Tola?? Anyone??

Today I bought some yarn. This is a very exciting thing, because I really do not have any extra money right now. But, I sold some stash on Ebay and Ravelry, so I could buy some yarn to make myself the Clapotis. I have really been wanting to make this for a long time. I want something nice that I can wear when J and I go out for our Anniversary dinner on October 19. It will be 6 years and I want something nice.

Well, a couple weeks ago Val and I were in Salt Lake for the Great Basin Fiber Arts Festival. It was SO much fun!!! I didn't buy a thing. Val bought lots. She's in Kansas right now (I am SO jealous!) but I am sure she will tell you all about what she bought when she gets back. We are bad bloggers because we both forgot our cameras! Anyway, when we were there, Val so kindly bought me some yarn. She bought this gorgeous Shepherd's Shades from Brown Sheep Wool. They were having a great sale in their booth, everything was $3.00!!! So, she bought me 4 skeins. I thought it would be enough for the Clapotis, but it wasn't. I bought some Majestic Fibers from Yarn Today. Originally I was going to get this beautiful pink color, but instead I opted for a fantastic chestnut brown. I am going to do a border of turquoise and the rest chestnut. Here are pictures of my most recent yarn gettings :)

This yarn and the one to follow are much darker and richer in person. I can't wait until it is done so you all can see how absolutely delicious it is!

The kind and generous Val also bought me some sock yarn! SQUEE!

This is Brown Sheep Wool's Wildfoote in the Mums colorway. I love it!

And....I won something this week!! I never win anything, so I was really excited! Nicole at Throws Like a Girl had a contest for her 100th post, and I won! So, she sent me 2 skeins of Knit Picks Dancing sock yarn, it is beautiful!!! And, she sent me a sweet card and one sock. In her card she told me that this is the first sock she ever made and it was so big and misshapen that she didn't like it. She is sending it to me so that I can either frog it and get the yarn, or throw it away. Well, I am not doing either! My foot is just big and misshapen enough that it fits great! Also, I don't know if you all remember the tragedy of my sock, but I have one hand knit sock that doesn't have a mate (it hurts). Now, I have 2 hand knit socks that I can wear together. I don't mind that they don't match, they compliment eachother nicely. So, Nicole, know that your sock is being loved and THANK YOU!!!!

It's going to be a cold weekend here, so I foresee lots of knitting happening! Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Knitting and Apples and Wool, OH MY! That is what I've been up to, lots of knitting, even a finished object! WAHOO!

First up, the Sweet Baby Cap to be gifted to my new niece!

I have yet to attach the side cords, but I think it is so freaking cute!!! I blocked it on a balloon that I blew up to 15 inches. I couldn't not put a face on it, so there you have it! What? You want more pictures? Well, ok!
And, I just found out this weekend that I will be getting a new niece in February!! Yipee!! More baby knitting!

On Friday night, we had a family night and went to a local apple orchard. It was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed picking apples and we had a great time as a family. We picked 2 1/2 bushels of Jonathan's, Honey Crisp, and Cortland apples. One and a half bushels are for us and the other bushel is for my friend, Heidi. Today we are going to make applesauce, dried apples...and well, anything else that comes to mind! Last week peaches, this week apples...what is on the docket for next week? Hmm...we want to do tomatoes too! :D
The owners of the Orchard have a dog, Sprote. He was a lot of fun for the kids and just followed us around. They also have 2 boys, so when we were done, S and A had fun playing with the boys and their toys!
They also had a beautiful Aspen grove that we walked through to get to the Honey Crisp field. It was just so lovely. This is one thing that J and I want someday.

And wool...well that will have to wait for another day. I started this post at 8 am, and it is now 6, I'll give you all the details of my wooly weekend soon! :)