Monday, March 19, 2007

We found a great house to rent this weekend! It is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1900 Sq. feet on 1/3 an acre! I am really excited! It will be 1.5 miles from Jer's work, so he can ride his bike!!! We move in on March 26...yes, one week from TODAY! EEEK!

Ok, here are pictures!!!

Here is the front of the house (duh!)

This is the detached HUGE garage!

Here is the view of the backyard from the gate by the garage.

See my garden spot?? I can taste the fresh veggies now!

Isn't this just a great spot? I can't wait to put a bench here and have my quiet place :)

Here is looking at the house from the far end of the backyard.

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jules said...

I've only read your blog a couple of weeks but am so thrilled about this house for you!:)lol Good luck packing & enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Drop me a note. I would love to get together :)

Valerie said...

Wahoo! You have to email me and tell me where your wonderful house is!

Tina - Ladydove said...

I live in Logan also (I know Isela too) and attend off and on the Knitter's group in Smithfield.

Welcome back to Logan. I know a few people who work at Medicine Lodge. Dan Justin, and Karen M. They are good people. Your hubby is going to be around super hard working peeps though. (Medicine Lodge is known for it's very very very very crazy and long hours.... they are just crazy there about hard but it's a good job.

Grats on the house. Where is it. We've been in Logan 7 years now, and this summer hope to move to a new place. 4 bedrooms would fit us well. I have 3 children (5, 9, 11) and one due in June.

=) Boarders sounds like a great place to sit and knit too!