Friday, March 16, 2007

Ok's what we need, a Logan Knitting Club! Is there one? Isela - I totally know where Providence is! When I went to USU, I worked at the Providence Inn B&B, I love Providence. I am really excited that there are so many awesome Cache Valley Knitters!!!!


Valerie said...

Hi Kim--

I just saw your comment on the Pea Pod KAL. It's nap time at our house--Yours too?

I totally agree--We NEED a knitting club. I just barely figured out the the amazing Purling Sprite is in the valley. So does this mean that you're coming to Logan?!?!?! I promise not to tell, if it's still a hush-hush. ;)

Anonymous said...

We have two yarn stores (real yarn stores, hehehe, not Michaels), they have meetings at both. One of them is in Logan, right across from the Tabernacle inside the Emporium and the second yarn store is in Smithfield a bit of a drive but they have nice yarns--they carry a lot of Berroco yarns and they have Lamb's Pride which is good for felting. Their selection of sock yarn is extensive but they don't have Koigu or Lorna's Laces or anything really fancy, they do have Cherry Tree Hill. I guess they cater to the medium priced yarns. Overall a nice yarn shop--the owner Rita is a very nice sweet lady too--one of the best! Oh yeah, last time I was there they had some Debbie Bliss and they had their first shipment from Noro :).

As far as attending any of them, well, I don't drive so I stay home pretty much all the time, but if you gals are willing to form a group, we could get together at Borders once a week and knit and chat. :D

Just email me...I am at purlingspriteATgmailDOTcom