Saturday, March 31, 2007

I never want to move again. Ever. Even if this house isn't my favorite place ever...I'll stay here. Why? Because I loathe moving. But, we're done. We are moved in and mostly, well, partially unpacked. We're unpacked enough to live. So, that's good.

We have stairs. Amelia doesn't really know about stairs. She learned on Tuesday, the day after we moved in (or was it Monday, I really don't remember). She tried to climb up the stairs and took a tumble backwards. She now will not go near the stairs. The only problem is that we have a step that goes down from the living room and then up again into the kitchen. So, if she is in one room and wants to go to the other, she will just sit there and cry, or whine, or crawl as close as she dares...she just will not go down the stair. It's good, it's really good ;)

Have I told you all how excited we are to have a yard?? I don't think that anyone is more excited than my Seth. He is constantly outside and when he's not, he is asking to be! He loves his backyard, garage, porch...everything that is OUTSIDE! Today he and I went and bought some tomato seeds, pea seeds and spinach seeds. We also got a soil testing kit (so we know what we need to do) and gloves for each of us. We have lots of weeding ahead of us this week if we want to get our spinach and peas in the ground this next weekend. He is really loving his yard. Now if we could find a decent and cheap swingset...he'd be in HEAVEN!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. It is spring in Utah. This means that it can be beautiful and sunny one day and snowing the next. That is exactly what happened this week. We moved on Monday, it was warm and beautiful! The next day it was cold and rainy. The day after that, we woke up to snow. Seth was SO excited that he just had to go out right away...look at this kid!

Now, as you can see, we didn't get TONS of snow, but it was enough to make this little boy's day. To make his own snowman, in his own brought tears to my eyes. I love that kid.

How long does it take a knitter to find her place in a new town? Well, for this knitter, it took 5 days. And, it only took that long because it's the first moment I had to go! I found Rumplestiltskins today. It's a nice little store in downtown Logan. They have a fabulous selection of yarn...but it's not so kid friendly. I had S and A with me and while A was in the sling (no worries there!), S was being, well, 2. The shop owner wasn't too thrilled that he was playing with the wind chime on her door and looking at needles and touching yarn. His hands were clean...but whatever. So, I won't be taking him back with me there. I'll have to go check out the place that's just north of here. I think that will be one of our field trips for next week.

I also went and found the local natural grocery. I am really excited because they have someone come in once a week and do a presentation on Attachment Parenting! I am going to contact the lady who heads it up to see if there are any playgroups that she knows of around here. Oh, and I'm going to see if I can do some Sign with your Baby workshops too! I'd love to do that. Or to help in any other way, like with the cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby wearing workshops. I'm pretty stoked about that.

With all the moving stuff you'd think I wouldn't have time to knit. HA! I make time. Look at this thing of beauty. This is my newest creation. Now, this sock was done this morning. I kitchenered the toe and everything. I slipped my foot into it and DANG! it was too short. So, I had to rip back to where I started the decreases (a bit prematurely) and will be doing it over. I am making this with Regia Bamboo. I love it!

I want you to notice this heel gusset. See the holes? No? That's because THERE ARE NONE! When I was picking up my stitches, I picked up an extra stitch in between the last 2. It was a bar (think mattress stitch) and it worked fabulously! I am thrilled with these and can't wait to wear my "summer socks"!

Oh man, Jeremy and I...well, we are exhausted. We can't believe that the week is done and that he goes to work on Monday. He is excited and nervous. I just pray that it will be a fabulous job, the one that he's dreamed of so that I don't have to move again. :)


Lori said...

I love those eastery egg socks!

Find Bea Ward (i'll give you her contact info). She is into all that stuff you are in Logan and would be a great resource for you.

I love that it took almost the entire yard of snow to make that snowman. Good ol' Seth.

Cohen hasn't been to Nursery since he's been gone. We'll see how it goes this week.

Congrats again. Everyone looks so happy (except A on that step). :)

Tina-Ladydove said...

Yarn today in Smithfield is across the street from Mcdonalds in a white building. It's much more kid friendly. They hardly blink when my 4 year old runs through, and they have toys etc for kids to play with in a corner. They even have candy and cookies and Rita will probably try to load up the children with them.

Welcome to Logan, officially =)