Thursday, March 15, 2007

We've made a decision. Ready Valerie??? We're going to Logan. We feel really good about this decision and while the money is the same with either company, this is where we feel that Jeremy and I both would be happiest. We really are thrilled. We're going up on Saturday to look for a place to live and to visit Jer's grandparents. Yeah, did I tell you that his Mom's folks live there? This will be nice. We can visit them, help them around the house and be close enough to all of my good friends in Salt Lake! We are just thrilled beyond belief. What a huge weight off our shoulders!
So, soon as I get settled, we'll have to get together, let the kidlets play and we can KNIT! Be ready to tell me all about the great knitting up in Cache Valley :)


Jean said...

Congratulations! After all this time, it must feel so good to have a solid decision. Especially since you're both looking forward to your new location.

Anonymous said...

hey, when you are up here you can look me up. I live about 5 minutes from Logan-I live in Providence :).

Valerie said...

Okay, I'm a little slow. I read the top post first, then this one--so just ignore that comment on the Friday post.

Yahooo! Come be my neighbor, okay? I'm quite sure we'd get along famously!