Thursday, July 05, 2007

There are hazards of having hobbies and having children. Some hobbies are more dangerous to little ones than others. My husband likes to smoke meat. He grew up in Kansas City and LOVES his bbq! His folks just got him a smoker for Father's Day this year. We are LOVING the ribs and smoked pork from it.

But, I said there were hazards right?

This sweet boy is not saying "Utah State is #1!". No, he's showing me his hurt finger. If you ask him what happened he says, "I burnt my finger when my Dad was smoking". This always requires some explanation. Daddy was smoking some meat and S decided to touch a hot charcoal! Yes, this boy who has burnt his hands before (when he was 19 months old on my folks gas fire place), did it again! Luckily(???) we had all the necessary things to fix up his finger. Oh, and it looks much better this time than last. (oh my goodness, he is getting so big now!!!)

So, there is the hazard of smoking's can burn children (duh!)

My hobby of knitting is MUCH safer...for the children that is. However, when you are working on something, the last thing you want is for your 1 year old daughter (or son) to get a hold of it. My dear friend, Nicole, had a sweater she was making and her daughter ripped back about 50 some odd rows for her (so helpful!). I didn't have that happen. However, when a little one gets their grubby little paws on a nice center pull ball of yarn...well, all hell can break loose.

Now, you may be thinking, but Kim, this looks like a very nice ball of yarn! What are you talking about?!?!? Remember before I said it was a center pull ball? Was is the key word there. Yes, Miss A got ahold of it and tore it to shreds. My WONDERFUL husband spent a lot of time yesterday fixing this ball of yarn. It got him out of diaper duty for the rest of the day...I think I'll let him off the hook for today too.

I am getting the itch to knit again. I need to seriously knit. Here is Anouk. I'm almost done, so close I can taste it.

Next up...Wonderful Wallaby for S and A for this fall! I'm thinking some nice Peace Fleece...ooh, I am getting excited!


Valerie said...

I'm so sorry your beautiful boy got burnt! Get better soon, little guy!

Those ribs...Mmmmmm! And your garden looks fantastic.

Lori said...

My dad used to smoke a lot of fish. So at church (when I was about Seth's age) they told us not to smoke or drink and be healthy. Of course I was so worried about my father so I raised my hand, "My dad smokes fish. Is he going to live with Satan?" Or so the story goes!

Glad he only burnt his finger this time.