Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I have some crafting to show, some frustrations to share, and as always, some beautiful, funny children to talk about!

First, crafting. Once upon a time, there was a girl. She had a friend who really loved yoga. She loved yoga so much in fact, that she taught Moms and babies yoga. So, this girl wanted to do something really special for her friend, knit her a yoga mat bag. She found some great cotton yarn, a fun pattern (Om Yoga Mat Bag from Stitch N Bitch) and got to work.

When she started she envisioned many things...but not this.

My words of a gauge swatch. If you don't, you may spend 2 months working on something, just to have it not fit the blasted yoga bag.

So, I did what any reasonable girl would do, I found a sewing pattern and made this.

Cute huh? I got the pattern here. So cute and so easy! I am now just waiting for her to get it ;)

It's so easy in fact, that I'm making more to try to sell at the market! This sewing thing is fun! In response to those who may think like my nephew Ben, who asked "Does this mean your not knitting anymore?", HA! Never! I'm just hot and so is the yarn. So, I'm taking a small break. This is usually what I do in the summer. Although I am still working on my socks, and A's Anouk. So, never fear...I still knit ;)

Now for my frustration.

*stepping on soapbox*

I am just so amazed at people and their lack of courtesy. My brother ans sister-in-law have 8 children. Their children range in ages 15 to 1 (next week) and they are EXTREMELY well behaved, just awesome kids. Well, my sil is from Oklahoma and doesn't get back out there very often to see her family. So, she and the 8 kids flew to Oklahoma on Tuesday. They left SLC and arrived at Las Vegas just in time to walk onto their next flight. They were flying Southwest, so they didn't have any assigned seats. Well, they get there, and there are NO seats together. So, the kids all had to sit separately. Well, no I take that back, there were 2 seats together where my nieces (13 and almost 3 sat together). So, my nephew, who is 6, understandably didn't want to sit alone. So, the stewardess is asking people if they would switch seats so that they could sit together, no one would do it. She got on the PA and asked a couple times, no one would do it. Finally, she offered a free alcoholic beverage if someone would let this mother and child sit together, they got an offer.

What does that say about our society? Where we won't move on an airplane to let a Mother and a scared child sit together?? He was crying, clinging to her leg, yet no one would move. Not until they were going to be compensated.

When did we stop getting up off of bus seats to let Mother's sit? When did we start driving by someone whose car isn't working, assuming someone else would stop? When did our society become so self-absorbed that we can't see when other's need help?? I am just really saddened and sickened by this. So, let's all of us who read this blog, start helping others. Doing the random acts of kindness and trying to make our world a better place to live. Let's start being nice to one another. Not because we're going to get something from it, but because it's the right thing to do.

*stepping off soapbox*

Speaking of being sickened...we had a milestone this weekend with my darling daughter. A has had a really bad diaper rash, so on Sunday, I let her have some naked time. J and I were in the kitchen making breakfast and I went to go check on her. I look at her under the high chair and she is covered, from head to toe in poop. She's pooped, played in it and is now starting to eat it! Oh.My.Gosh. I thought I was going to throw up. I scooped her up and took her to the bathroom. I eventually got her cleaned up. There are no pictures of this...for obvious reasons. I couldn't stand having her put one more piece of feces in her mouth just to get a picture! YUCK!

This weekend my in-laws were in town. They flew in on Saturday and left today to go to Provo to visit J's brother and his wife. They fly home tomorrow.

We had such a great time with them. We ate lots of good food, had many laughs, a few debates (all friendly of course) and generally had a fantastic visit. J and his Dad built some fences for my tomatoes to grow up, bought some herbs for our herb garden, and went golfing. Mil and I went fabric shopping, I got a lesson on how to do gathers and zippers, and we played with the kiddos! Oh, we can't forget that 2 children are having birthday's this month. So, they got to go birthday shopping. Here are some pictures of them and their birthday gifts. They were both hits!

This is my little girl singing and dancing while playing the piano. I think she has a future as an entertainer!

A boy and his barn. As I type this, he is playing with some dark blue (per his request) play-dough that we made. He is putting his farm animals in it like water and seeing all their different footprints. He is a nut.

And, one last picture to leave you with. Grandma and Grandpa. We miss you!


Valerie said...

You have such beautiful children. POOP! ACK! You poor darling. I'm glad you had such a nice visit with your in-laws. I think making yoga mat carriers for the farmer's market is a great idea!

Lori said...

1. I hope I never have to clean up a child covered in poo. I've had so many friends have to do that, and it is awful.

2. Yoga mats are totally cute. You could still give the knitted bag to her and tell her is holds a small towel and a bottle of water.

3. Looks like Amelia will be such a star.

4. Good luck at the market.

5. Poo - blech.

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