Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! Another blog that I read had this poem on it. I loved it, so I stole it! :) Hope you enjoy it and are having a fabulous Mother's Day. I know I am.

Now That I Am Forever With Child, by Audre Lorde

How the days went
while you were blooming within me
I remember each upon each--
the swelling changed planes of my body
and how you first fluttered, then jumped
and I thought it was my heart.

How the days wound down
and the turning of winter
I recall, with you growing heavy
against the wind. I thought
now her hands
are formed, and her hair
has started to curl
now her teeth are done
now she sneezes.
Then the seed opened
I bore you one morning just before spring
My head rang like a fiery piston
my legs were towers between which
A new world was passing.

Since then
I can only distinguish
one thread within running hours
You, flowing through selves
toward You.

This is my gift from my Husband. We were at Ross Dress for Less last night, and saw this painting. We've never bought art before (weird huh?). We saw this and it was just HOME for us. We had to get it. It hangs in my kitchen, not crooked like it looks in the picture, and it is just beautiful.


Katherine Of It All said...

Thanks for the comment.

Ross does rock, no?

Valerie said...

Hiya Kim--Thanks for passing along such a lovely poem. I keep missing you at spinners night (I'm sorry I'm always so late!) so would you like to meet up at a park one of these mornings and play? :)

Nicole said...

Oh, my friend! How I miss you so!! I will call you tomorrow. I love you!!!!

Carrie said...

What a pretty picture, and a wonderful poem!