Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been up to no good lately. Here are a few pictures:

And, what does every sewing machine need? Yes, fabric. There is a fabric store here that is going out of business (Saturday is their last day). I am banned from entering their doors anymore. Here is why...

Yeah, lots of fabric, lots of patterns, lots of thread and rick rack. I've had fun! Oh and unless you think I haven't been knitting....

This isn't the best picture, but it will be a Yoga Mat Bag from Stitch n Bitch. I am way excited about this one. I'm making it with Patons Grace, mercerized cotton. It's nice :)

Ah, my summertime socks. I am doing the heel flap on my second sock, so hopefully I'll get to wear them someday soon!

And the lovely Anouk. I have the first half done (the back half of the pinafore) and have started on the second half. I have a little under 2 months to get this done, I can do it!

Now...brace yourselves, I have been sewing. I learned how to do shirring and had a ball with it! This is what I finished today for Miss A. Doesn't she look just stunning??

Looks pretty cute doesn't it? I can't wait to do more for her! I have lots more pictures to blog, but not tonight.


Tola said...

very cute!! are you coming to spinners night tonight?

Lori said...

OH - I've been longing to visit that store since you told me about it. Oh well. Looks like you've got some great stuff!!

Also, way to go on the shirring! Looks great! I've never been very successful at it. You'll have to teach me the tricks.

To all you other commentors (not a real word) out there... about 3 months ago Kim came over to my house with a few yards of fabric and needed help with strait lines. She claimed the following, "I can't sew..."

Hmmmmm? Can Kim be trusted?!?

Nicole said...

Okay, this makes up for the lack of pics on the other the other thread!!

You will have to teach me the shirring too! I want to make the girls some tops!

(Lori, In farness to Kim, we have the same sewing machine, and really is stinks! It takes a bit of getting used to and A LOT of patience! LOL Plus if you use the wrong bobbins all hell breaks loose. Once amred with that knowledge she just took off!!)

Valerie said...

I love the knits-in-spring-flowers pics. I'm so amazed at the shirring on your baby's dress--so darling!

I'm sad that I missed seeing you at spinners night. I got there late and you had gone home. :( I have a hard time getting out of the house on Friday nights (it's Family Movie Night at our house). I'd love to do something like a weekly (bi-weekly? monthly?) meetup at the park to knit and play. Are you game? Anybody else want to come?

Kim said...

Oh Valerie, you have no idea how much I'd love a knit and play day!!! We can do it at my house anytime, I am almost always home :) If anyone else wants to join, let me know!

Tola said...

Kim and Val ~~
I want to come! But I don't have a baby. Kim, email me so I can send you an invitation to my blog.