Friday, January 26, 2007

Jeremy's Logan interview went really well!! Jeremy felt really good about the interview. He met with 8 different people and when he called me, he sounded so upbeat and happy. There are about 10 people they are interviewing and he was the first on site interview. However, his main contact, Dan, told him that half of the people that interviewed him today were first interviews themselves :) This is somewhere Jeremy would really like to work. They will be hiring someone in February, so it shouldn't take too long :D
Since he was in Logan, Jeremy went to see his Grandparents after his interviews. It was nice for him to go see them and see his cousin, Matt, who just returned from an LDS mission to the Philippines in November.
Now the next interview is on Tuesday/Wednesday in Warsaw, IN. He has been to this town before for an interview with a different company, he said that I would like the town. My most important there a yarn store? OH THERE IS!!!!!!!!!! I can live anywhere as long as I can get my knit fix!

While Jeremy was gone today, my friend Nicole came over. Here is a picture of our kiddos - S, A and E. They were having fun with their babies.

S and A are so funny together. They are just such great friends and crack Nicole and I up on a daily basis. Last night we went over there for dinner and S and A got married. After they got married, S gave A a Lightning McQueen car. She looked at S and very seriously said, "Oh S, I only like beautiful cars". Nicole and I cracked up! They are just such nutty kiddos. It is a good thing that they get along so well, it gives Nicole and I the much needed sanity/knitting breaks that we need!

I didn't get much knitting done today because my little A was Miss Cranky Pants. I don't think she realizes that Mommy is happiest when she gets time to knit. I am off to do just that.

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Valerie said...

Could anything be cuter than those kids wearing their babies? I have a sling that I got from eBay made out of that same pink and green floral! (Turned out the seller/maker was in SLC--It wasn't you, was it?)