Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here are the finished Calorimetry's! I did Erin's (the purple one) out of Wings Alpaca. Oh man it is so soft! I attached 2 buttons (ladybugs) so that it can be adjustable and fit her longer. Michelle's is out of Lamb's Pride bulky. I really like these, I may have to make myself one too :)


Michelle said...

We love them, Kim. I took some pictures of the two of us wearing them tonight, and I'll get them emailed to you tomorrow. They are PERFECT!! You are so talented. Sean even said, "She needs to sell these things, mom". I know how you feel about selling your knitting, but you really should! Thank you again. We couldn't be happier!

Kim said...

Ooh, I am so glad you like them!!!