Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh.My.Gosh. I am SO frustrated!!!!! Ok, so Zimmer told Jeremy on Friday that they want him to start on April 2nd. Fine. They said that he would get the official offer (meaning, tell him how much they want to pay him) on Monday, Tuesday (today) at the latest. Great. Yesterday, nothing. Today, he finally called them and the girl told him that there are 2 more people who have to sign off on the offer. The guy who has the offer right now is out of town until next Monday. And, one more person still has to see the offer and say it's ok. Oh, and they still want Jeremy to start on April 2nd. Um...how is that supposed to work????? Oh, and to make matters even better?? We gave our notice on our apartment already and have to be out March 31.

So, I asked Jeremy to call Medicine Lodge (company in Logan) and see what was going on with them. We'd decided that since they did their last on site interview on February 19, and he hadn't heard anything yet, that Logan was out of the picture. Well, he called today and the guy he spoke with told him that they were still doing onsite interviews (whoever told him the 19th was on drugs) until Friday, but that they were seriously considering him for one of the positions.

So, what does this all mean? That he has no official offer from either company. Two companies who are interested, one whose said they want him, but no one is willing to give us numbers. Oh, and we have no place to live in 3 weeks. Oh, and I really have no time for knitting. I should knit, it's good for my sanity...but I just don't feel like it cause I am so stressed. Ah, my life is SO fun.

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Valerie said...

Hey, you want me to make some calls? I happen to know the Goble's home phone number. :)