Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pregnancy, and Interview, and Bouillon Cubes, Oh my!

That was just yesterday! So, the kids and I were out yesterday and when we came home, our crazy upstairs neighbor was coming outside. Now, remember, I said she was crazy. She stopped to chat for a few minutes and looked at me and said "You're not pregnant again are you?". I was shocked. Stunned. I took a minute to collect myself and said, "No. I'm just fat." She stumbled over her words this time saying, "Oh, no, I didn't mean..it takes a long time for me to lose the baby weight too. I just thought that you were pregnant because you looked like it and I thought WOW if she's pregnant again, her hands will be really full!". I looked at her again. Truly not believing that we were having this conversation and again, I said, "Nope, just fat. Thanks". And I walked inside. What a WHACK JOB! Jeremy said that I should have said, "Oh, they let you out of the loony bin again?".

Interview - well, Jeremy had another interview yesterday with the director of hip development at Zimmer. She had some reservations about him and wanted to chat with him some more. Apparently, the other people who interviewed him really liked him and so she needed to see what she was missing that they saw. So, I guess during the on site interview, she was asking him some questions and really wanted to get at his thought process on how he would handle a situation, and he didn't answer her questions well enough. She gave him a design problem and she said that he gave up too easily when he didn't know the answer (I don't remember the specifics, I will talk to him and then we will edit this part). He was really glad she called. He recently read this book, "Now, Discover your Strengths", and he told her about it. He learned from that book that he is pretty analytical (really???) and that he needs to sit and think about something before answering. He doesn't just jump in with an answer, he takes his time. She was glad to hear this, as she is the same way :) He also took a test online to see what his strengths are and sent her the results. So...we'll see. She said that they would be making a decision this week! *fingers crossed*

Bouillon cubes...*roll eyes*. My son. He is a very mischievous boy. Yesterday I was laying A down for a nap. I heard some banging of cupboards in the kitchen, but I couldn't get up to see what he was doing. So, I just took a very Zen approach and said, I'll deal with it when I get up. I go out to the kitchen about 5 or 10 minutes later and I see a chair pulled up to the counter and the spice cupboard open. S had something in his mouth and I asked him what he was eating. He opened his mouth and there was a chicken bouillon cube! GROSS! I told him to give it to me and explained that it isn't for him. He said, "Oh, it's just for Mom and Dad?". No, sweetie, it's for cooking! What a nut!

This morning I got up and he was eating my last piece of birthday cake. Ooh buddy. You don't come between Mama and her cake. He ate all the frosting (whipped, my favorite!) and the oreo that was on top. I was laying in bed dreaming of that piece of cake and it's gone. In the belly of my 2 year old. Here is the conversation he and I had:
Me: S! What are you doing?? That's my birthday cake!
S: Well, you can share!
Me: No sweetie, that's my cake!
S: But, you gave me some in my Cars bowl.
Me: Yeah, last night I did. But, that was my last piece of cake and I wanted it.
S: Sorry Mom. Sorry for eating your birthday cake Mom.

Ugh, why is he so cute? Because it saves him. Just now, he was coloring on himself and the table with markers. Who is this child?!?!

Anyhoo...my birthday was SO relaxing and fantastic! We got up and went to church. We came home and Jeremy made me lunch and then I got to have a nap. Nicole came over after my nap with a great bag she knit for me. Jeremy and Seth got me some headphones for my iPod (I think it's because I steal Jeremy's daily!), and we had some FABULOUS cake. (I'm still mourning the loss of my last piece of cake). It was a really nice day and I was so happy to share it with my family. Now, I'm the big 3-0. So far, my thirties are good :)

Oh, and I will post pictures...I just can't right now. Our great neighbors let us use their high speed internet...well, it hasn't worked for a few days now. So, I'm on dial-up. I hate dial-up.

I am almost done with A's sweater!!! I am needing to seam it up (I'm finding that I really don't like seaming) and do the hood. I'm supposed to make the buttons snaps, but I really want button holes. So, I need to figure out the spacing for the button holes and do that also. I am still holding on the goal of having it done by my party on Saturday. I'm going to my sister's today, so I should be able to get some good knitting done.

Alright, I have to go feed the boy. He's hungry. He just had my birthday cake! How can he be hungry?!?!?!?


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I'm glad you had a good day.

I'm of the opinion that cuteness is a childhood survival mechanism. If only it persisted into their teens...oh well.

So any word from Medicine Lodge? (I remain selfishly hopeful.) You probably would rather go with Zimmer, but you could always work on that Deaf Education degree if you came to my neighborhood. ;)

Kim said...

No word yet from Medicine Lodge. They have onsite interviews until the 19th. However, as of last Friday, they told Jeremy he was still in the top tier. So...we'll see! :) I love Logan, so I would LOVE if he got that job. But, either place will be great! :)