Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brrrr it is COLD here! This morning it was 5 degrees. BRRR!! I wish that I had been thinking ahead last year and knit myself a babywearer poncho. I really want to do this out of an alpaca/wool blend. I am definitely doing it for next winter!!!

Tonight I finished my first calorimetry. I like it a lot. It is made from Blue Sky Alpaca in a grape color. (I can't remember exactly if it is Blue Sky Alpaca, I can't find the wrapper, but that is what I think). I just need to attach a button (or two) and it is done! I think I will attach 2 buttons to make it adjustable. I made this for a 4 year old little girl. I want it to work for her for more than one winter. They live in Florida and are going to Wisconsin this winter and then to NYC next year for Christmas. So, it would be ideal if it worked for her for both trips! Now I get to cast on her Mom's calorimetry! Hers is being made from a bulky Blue Sky Alpaca in charcoal. It is going to be so pretty!!!!
The hourglass socks are really coming along. I am enjoying the pattern and think they are looking good. It is a fun pattern and isn't too hard, but is just enough to keep my interest. I am excited to get them done for my mil for her birthday. Although, she informed me tonight that she no longer has birthdays, so it just has to be a present! HA!

The capelet (which never shows up very well in the pictures) for my Mom is not my favorite right now. I am using my knitpicks options needles and one of my cables broke! ERGH! So, I've had to fix it and in the process dropped a couple stitches >:( But, now that I've fixed it, hopefully all will be well!

I'm well into the Sophie bag for Jenn. I will be making a big hot pink flower with a green leaf on it. It will be so cute!!!

The Longies and I are having issues. I started the short rows too early, so I fear that they will fit her funny. I am thinking that I will be frogging these and starting over. If they're not perfect, I won't be happy and then it just isn't worth it. Oh, but how I hate pulling out work that I've done. It really does just break my heart.

And now for what I got this week!!! Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I am SO excited!! There are lots of really great patterns in here. My dear friend Sarah, had a baby girl one week ago. I am going to make her some booties from this book. I have some alpaca that is just dying to be worn by a sweet little baby girl! ;) The main reason I bought it was for a doll pattern. I will be making this for A for her birthday. There is also an Angel Dress in there. Oh it is SO sweet. Miss A will be getting that for her birthday also. As soon as I am done with the above projects, I will be starting on birthday projects for my darling babies! Oh, and more socks for me!

My sister, Stephanie, got a spinning wheel last week. I am so excited for her to have gotten this. Now she and I can hand dye and spin some yarn to make my dh his Jayhawk socks!!! We will dye the roving the exact colors of crimson and blue and then she will spin it for me. I am really excited for this. So is my very patient dh. I want his socks to be perfect, so that is why I haven't finished them yet. I will though...I promise honey!

So, for those that know me well, you know I love pink and brown. Well, look what I found!!!! I LOVE this yarn!!! I have sent an email to my dh giving him a big hint for my birthday!!! I will be 30 in less than a month. I think that qualifies as a pretty significant birthday and that he can splurge on 2 skeins of that beautiful yarn for me!!!

I have also fallen in love with Socks That Rock yarn. I don't have any. I've never knit with any. But, Stephanie won some and got it this week. It is beautiful. I want to touch it all day long. I love it to pieces. I want some. is yummy yarn!

Well, I need to get knitting some booties for my dear friend...and maybe even for my darling daughter. Her brother likes to remove her socks from her feet...if I made some good booties, maybe they'd stay put!

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