Saturday, December 02, 2006

I AM DONE! Do you hear me?? I am DONE!!!! :D:D:D Today was the boutique that I have been frantically knitting for. I took 5 purses with me and sold 3 of them. It's ok, because one of the ones that didn't sell my sister bought. So, of the 10 bags I made, I sold 9 of them! Not too shabby if you ask me! :)
Now I am making a couple hats for my friend Shannon and her boys. After I am done with those, I will have all of our Christmas cash for this year. It won't be much, but enough to get a couple things for each of the kiddos. I am so glad!!!
I am working on Jeremy's laptop right now and all my pictures are on the other computer (this one has hi-speed) so, I can't post any pictures, but I will.
I have lots of pictures to post. I have new yarn! Some of it I bought, and some of it came from Jeremy's Ecuador sweater. It is great wool and I can't wait to make him a hat and scarf with it. I am knitting Amelia some leg warmers..they are SO cute!!! But, my next project will be some of these fingerless gloves. I am doing them for a trade. She sent me 2 pairs of babylegs and I am sending those to her. I love my babylegs by the way. I want more, more, more!! I think Amelia wears them everyday!!! :D
Ok...back to the knitting of some lovely hats! :)

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The Reed Family said...

congrats Kim!! Woohoo! I am so glad that you were able to sell them! I just adore those babylegs as well. I am going to have to do those as well! I want to do some longies too for all the kids. Can't wait to see the pics!