Monday, October 16, 2006

So, I am deciding that I do not like this toe up sock. I started it for S and was cruising right along until I hit the heel. It's a short row heel (for an explanation, see the pattern) and I am just not getting it. I am sure if I didn't have 2 wee ones to care for and I could just devote all my time and energy to these socks, I would have no problem. But...I don't. So, I may just rip them out and do cuff down socks like everyone else in the world. ;)

Let's see...what else...I am still working on the cable knit purse. I ordered some size 13 needles from KnitPicks and thought they would be here by now. But, they're not. They are the size I need to do the purse for real. So, I am kind of waiting.

I cast on Jer's jayhawk socks, again, last night. We'll see though. I will probably rip them out and do them cuff down. Or, maybe I'll make him these really cool socks. Who knows.

As for my Christmas knitting...I've only completed one project. So, I need to get working!!! S keeps pulling the scarf off my needles. He likes to pretend that they are either his wands, or his drumsticks. Oh, and he likes to pretend to be knitting. He's a nut.

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