Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another project completed! I finished my Sophie bag today. I'm not sure who is getting it...but it will be a Christmas present for someone! :) Here it is before felting

S really likes it!

and after felting...

Isn't it cute??? S was pretty shocked when I pulled it out of the the washer. He first thought I'd have 2 bags, but then realized that this was the same one. He refers to it as cute. He is a nut. Oh, and what music to my ears?? He told me that he loves yarn. He even plays like he's knitting! Oh how sweet!

So, now I am just working on the toe up Jaywalkers for Jeremy and the scarf for my scarf exchange that I am doing. I am also going to start the cable knit bag that I posted about the other day. I must have a few projects going at once so I don't get bored. ADD anyone??

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Lori Van Wagoner said...

I'm amazed! Great work, as always!